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The central events in people’s lives occur in the past but happen in the future, when we become truly aware of their significance in relation to all that has happened and will happen.

Today, when the professionals who make up Police & Partners embark on a new phase of their successful and long-standing professional collaboration, they can look back at what happened in the past, to realise its value and centrality to what they have become in the present and want to become in the future.

In this perspective, the meeting between Aristide Police and Professor Franco Gaetano Scoca is essential, in that allowed the former, in 1990, after three years and one academic term, to graduate in Law and to begin to deepen its knowledge of administrative law until he became, in 2001, Full Professor.

Palazzo Spada

In the same period, Aristide Police started a professional career which led him – after more than fifteen years of collaboration with his Mentor – to become Partner and Head of the Administrative Law Department of the international law firm Clifford Chance since 2007.

Over the years – by chance, but not by accident – fundamental meetings occurred one after another which led to the creation of Police & Partners.

Collaborations born between office desks, courtrooms and universities which, lived under the sign of a shared work ethic and of a constant aspiration to interpret the legal profession in the most authentic, multifaceted and modern way, turned into lasting friendships which now form the basis of the Police & Partners professional association.