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To fully understand the meaning of a choice, one should look backwards, but life must be lived forwards because only in this way we can realise how open the future is and how much it essentially depends exclusively on our vision of the world and on the assessments of the possibilities that lie ahead of us.

Avv. Paolo Roberto Molea - Avv. Raimondo d'Aquino di Caramanico

Police & Partners, administrative lawyers right from the name, represent a way of interpreting the profession as a guarantee of protection of the interests of private and public entities in relation to the exercise – even through mutual agreement – of public power. The pursuit of Justice in the Administration rather than against it, interpreted, in its deepest meaning, along the lines of Silvio Spaventa’s intuition and its implementation by Crispi.

A profession that, even in the changed spirit of the times, seeks to ensure the reasonableness and substantial legality of discretionary choices which, according to the fundamental teaching of Giannini, remains “a qualitative and quantitative comparison of the public and private interests that concur in an objective social situation”, generally resulting in a “balancing of the individual interests”.

Competence and attention in steering and assisting the Client any time this discretion is exercised is the way Police & Partners implements the most authentic sense of the legal profession, that is, responding to those who “call for help”, being at their service with their recognised professional skills, many years of experience, a strong spirit of dedication and a deep knowledge of the sector in question.

The offered legal assistance is comprehensive and is complemented by the experience gained in dealing with international  clients with different legal backgrounds and business needs. Police & Partners delivers advice and strategic planning in procedural, regulatory and contractual matters, and represents Clients in legal proceedings, assisting them through all the stages directly or indirectly connected with the exercise of public powers. Several international and national directories have testified to this for years.

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